Saturday, March 28, 2009

My Character Raylan

This is young Raylan. His older version is in the Forest Gods sketch. Raylan is a dryad, a plant. In his storyline, he's the best friend and future husband of the main character. After spending a lot of his childhood in a slave farm, his people buy him in order to train him to fulfill the needs of his people. Raylan is a special type of dryad that will eventually turn into a huge tree and merge his consciousness with nature.
And I am very proud of that hand...and his face...his entire head for that matter...

Flower Sketch

A friend of mine gave me some flowers and asked me to draw this one, so I did. Thanks for the flowers, Alan! :) What do you think?

Friday, March 27, 2009

New Laptop

Got a new laptop today thanks to the wonderful support of my mother and Aunt Tressia. Thank you so much for helping me with this.

My old laptop is four years old, still a good ole bird, just old. Unfortunately for the Adobe Master Collection CS4, it was too old and just wasn't powerful enough to run hardly anything except the basic Microsoft Office programs. So the new model, a Sony FW Series, has plenty of space and RAM to run what I need it to run.

This summer will be filled with work. Lots and lots of glorious work. Just wait, yall. I'm going to be animating my tail off soon. So very, very soon...

Hello, Photoshop and friends... *hugs new laptop*

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Caster Style Frame

This is the initial style frame for Caster. Originally, I was going to have this texture jitter over the top of the animation, but eventually, I decided to remove that and go for more of a clean look. Also, Caster's character design has shifted just a bit from this one. He's reaching for a glowing, orange marble in his pocket.

Maloney Turtle Character

Meet Maloney Turtle. Yes, he doesn't like you, and he doesn't care that you don't like him. Your existance means nothing to Maloney Turtle. He can squash your head with his PINKY.
Okay, so this is a character I had to design for my Introduction to Sequential Art class. Basically, the assignment was to design a turtle so he can cross a street. Because I have a death wish, I design my turtle based on the scariest man I've ever met, Matthew Maloney, a professor at SCAD-Atlanta.
Fortunately for me, he likes it, so I get to live. I'll upload Maloney Turtle's comics later once I get the art scanned and de-blue lined.

Forest God Character Sketch

This guy is basically a dryad. Each being in this race is born with a mask covering his face, and throughout his life, he will take immaculate care of this mask.
Occassionally, a dryad will be born with two masks. This is considered as sign of good luck.
These masks sometimes possess strange, out-of-the-ordinary powers, such as cancelling out emotions when worn. No fear, no sadness, no happiness, nothing like that. Just there. Most of the time, though, they are simply masks that provide a deep spiritual connection to their dryad owners.
Did I mention that I write a lot? I guess not. Well, I write. A lot. A LOT. So if you find little tidbits of ideas here and there that make no sense, just bear with me.

Wine Horn

This has to be my favorite drawing that came out of Life Drawing I. Ever since I first saw this wine horn on another student's drawing, I wanted to draw it in something I did. Finally, I had the chance to, and I loved it. Unfortunately for me, we had a time constriction on this piece. The wine horn looks awesome, but the rest of it...not as awesome. I cropped it in order to put more emphasis on my focal point.

Oh, and at first, I didn't know it was a wine horn. The tip of the horn is open, and one would pour wine into the mouth of it and pass it around the room. You couldn't put it down until all the wine had been consumed.

This was really fun to draw.

Birth of the Watermark

So I finally made my watermark, which makes me feel a lot better about putting stuff online. Believe it or not, the "keyfish" image of the watermark is actually a tattoo on the back of my left shoulder. It's my only tattoo, and I designed it. I'm pretty proud of it. Probably going to revise the image to put on a business card later on.

As for the drawings I've been putting up, let me take time to explain what they are. The studies from George Bridgman's book are just that, studies. They are my sketches but not my source images. Just me trying to learn. Learning is good.

And I'm planning on putting a lot of sketchbook pages in here even if they aren't finished. Sketches are interesting to look at, sometimes even more so than the final piece, know what I mean?

I'm probably going to put up other stuff too, not exactly stuff that pertains to my major or desired area of expertise, but things that I have done in the past that I think are cool. Photographs and sculpture projects and such.

Bridgman Anatomy Drawings Part 02

Bridgman Drapery Drawings

Bridgman Anatomy Drawings Part 01

Sketch for April's 21st Birthday Card

April is my best friend, and for her birthday, I made her a card. This is the sketch for the inside image of the card.

The Paper Mage

This little boy is the main character of my senior film. He's got an interesting ability that allowed him to bring anything made out of paper to life, and it proves useful in his search for a friend.