Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Birth of the Watermark

So I finally made my watermark, which makes me feel a lot better about putting stuff online. Believe it or not, the "keyfish" image of the watermark is actually a tattoo on the back of my left shoulder. It's my only tattoo, and I designed it. I'm pretty proud of it. Probably going to revise the image to put on a business card later on.

As for the drawings I've been putting up, let me take time to explain what they are. The studies from George Bridgman's book are just that, studies. They are my sketches but not my source images. Just me trying to learn. Learning is good.

And I'm planning on putting a lot of sketchbook pages in here even if they aren't finished. Sketches are interesting to look at, sometimes even more so than the final piece, know what I mean?

I'm probably going to put up other stuff too, not exactly stuff that pertains to my major or desired area of expertise, but things that I have done in the past that I think are cool. Photographs and sculpture projects and such.

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