Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Ratchet vs. the Jatella

This is a pin-up I did for my Materials and Techniques class. I plan to color it later, so it gets put in the digital art section. Anyway, this is Ratchet Tomah, and he's a medic on the pirate ship Jormungand. The creatures he's fighting are Jatella. Remember how Jessins were water/darkness? Well, Jatella are air/darkness and also my creation. Most Jatella can fly, but some can't. Even though they're air creatures, they live underground. Jatella are supposed to have four arms like the Jessins, but I didn't draw those in here. I figured it would make the picture a little more complicated than I wanted it to be. Where Jessins are snake-like, Jatella are insectoid. They have hard armor plating on their backs and sides and have a tendency to walk on all fours, using only one pair of arms for support. And of course, all good pirate fights have to have a severed head in them.

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