Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Hey all. In this online game I play, I was appointed as the kingdom designer, and my first job is to design a kingdom image. This is the initial sketch.

The top page is the overall composition for the image. The Leader or King is on the far right. His crown is a cowboy-hat looking thing with skulls, teeth, and claws all over it. There's a dragon skull on his shoulder. The Curser, second in command, is the figure standing right next to him. Initially, I drew him with a voodoo doll in his hand, but that seemed cheesy. Instead, on the second page, I began experimenting with shards. In game, you use shards to curse people anyway. I want the shard to have a skull-like image on one of its facets. Then to the immediate left of the Curser is the Carrier of Eggs. Powerful creatures are inside those eggs, and it's someone's job to protect and watch over the eggs for the benefit of the kingdom. In the lower left of the upper page is the Gem Enchanter. Behind the Gem Enchanter is a hound. Beyond those characters is one riding a dragon, one leaning on the dragon's wing, and one sitting on top of a golem's head. On the bottom page is a redrawing of the Carrier of Eggs as well as the Gem Enchanter. I didn't like the Gem Enchanter's pose in the upper page, so I reworked it.

The Curser doesn't like you. Be prepared for seven years' worth of agonizingly bad luck.

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