Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Another Ratchet drawing. In this rendering, he's got blue costume paint on his face. The necklace he's wearing is a momento to a friend that recently died. Ratchet is about 17 in this picture.

And I have no idea why he's wearing costume makeup. This is what happens when I don't sleep.

Drawn in blue ballpoint pen. Colored with Photoshop.


Here is a caricature I did of a fellow I know. I did the drawing in a cheapie blue ballpoint pen although I have no idea why. I normally don't draw in pen, but if it results in stuff that comes out as good as this, I may have to make it a rule. Colored in Photoshop.

Note to self: Next time draw with a black ballpoint pen.

Here's to progression!

Friday, July 9, 2010

Ratchet Digital Painting

Hey all,
Decided to do a lil' art project involving my new mascot, Ratchet of the Jormungandr. Burn, baby, burn.


Monday, May 31, 2010

New Blog Look

So I found a really cool blog template online, something that matches my hat more. :D Anyway, it turns out, there's a glitch in the system involving the arranging of gadgets on the sidebar, so until it is fixed, make sure you don't forget to check out my Archive and Fun Sites. They're nested right behind my Profile. Lots of neat stuff to look at!

And I graduated! I now have a B.F.A in Animation from Savannah College of Art and Design - Atlanta! The world is such a happy place. Now, it's time to start on my own projects and revisit old ones (The Paper Mage). Keep in touch, and if you see something on here you like, comment about it!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Venture Brothers - Character Design

This is Elk, a character I designed for an imaginary Venture Brothers episode. He is from Brock and Doc Venture's past. Going to the same college that everyone else in the series goes to, Elk is on the football team with Brock. He's a bit of a meathead, but that's why we love him. He's as gentle as a teddy bear for the most part although he doesn't really know his strength. On the gridiron, he's on the defensive line and is a ruthless, merciless fiend.

My professor said he looks like the love child of Hank and Sergeant Hatred, and I agree, considering that's the two people I merged together to make him. :D

*** *** ***
Facial Expressions

*** *** ***
Hand Expressions

*** *** ***
Action Poses

Venture Brothers - Imaginary Episode Storyboards

These are three pages of a storyboard for an assignment where we had to pick an established television series and design storyboards and characters for that franchise. So I picked Venture Brothers.

Jormungandr: Storyboards

These are three pages of the storyboards for an episode of Jormungandr. Nick, the ship's sorcerer, isn't very good at being drunk. In the first panel shown here, Nick has just belched a stream of fire at the exact place that Ratchet was just sitting. With clever use of her tail, Lidona plucked him from his chair before he could get roasted.

Lidona is the one he's talking to that isn't Lojin. Lidona is a Jessin, a reptilian race, and her race has no need for breasts. This is why she looks like a man, and although Jessins have two sets of arms (if you've seen Lidona's toned-paper sketch elsewhere on here, you can see her other set of arms), the Captain makes her shapeshift one set away to avoid drawing unnecessary attention.

Jormungandr: Ratchet Tomah and Lojin Espada

Here are some initial character designs for a pilot I'm working on entitled Jormungandr. Ratchet is the main character.

Ratchet Tomah - Medic onboard the pirate ship Jormungandr.
Age: 15
Race: Human
Likes: Being an efficient doctor, chocolate milk
Dislikes: Lojin Espada, anyone messing with his hair
Interesting Fact: The massive tattoo on Ratchet's back is actually a hidden red cross and represents his involvement with an illegal (yet honorable) ring of physicians who provide health care to those who cannot afford it while stealing from the over-priced, "official" doctors and their sponsoring aristocrats. Think Robin Hood and his Merry Men only with stethoscopes.

*** *** ***

Lojin Espada - Third in Command onboard the Jormungandr, also the best swordsman onboard and Ratchet's swordfighting teacher
Age: 32
Race: Anglerfish Mer
Likes: Picking on Ratchet as much as humanly possible, reading.
Dislikes: the fact that Ratchet makes more than he does.
Interesting Fact: The First Mate Corr lovingly refers to Lojin's anglerfish light as "Lojin's Night Light," and Lojin often uses this to read after lights out.

*** *** ***
Line Up

*** *** ***
Facial Expressions

*** *** ***
Hand Expressions

*** *** ***
Action Poses

Friday, January 1, 2010


Hey guys,

I updated my demo reel and resume for all those curious. Had some technical issues, but I CONQUER ALL! Hope everyone had a great new year's. Make some new year's resolutions. Here's a trick: if you don't make them hard, they won't be hard to follow. :P

Here's to a new year, new start, new opportunities.

-Chelsey :)