Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Jormungandr: Ratchet Tomah and Lojin Espada

Here are some initial character designs for a pilot I'm working on entitled Jormungandr. Ratchet is the main character.

Ratchet Tomah - Medic onboard the pirate ship Jormungandr.
Age: 15
Race: Human
Likes: Being an efficient doctor, chocolate milk
Dislikes: Lojin Espada, anyone messing with his hair
Interesting Fact: The massive tattoo on Ratchet's back is actually a hidden red cross and represents his involvement with an illegal (yet honorable) ring of physicians who provide health care to those who cannot afford it while stealing from the over-priced, "official" doctors and their sponsoring aristocrats. Think Robin Hood and his Merry Men only with stethoscopes.

*** *** ***

Lojin Espada - Third in Command onboard the Jormungandr, also the best swordsman onboard and Ratchet's swordfighting teacher
Age: 32
Race: Anglerfish Mer
Likes: Picking on Ratchet as much as humanly possible, reading.
Dislikes: the fact that Ratchet makes more than he does.
Interesting Fact: The First Mate Corr lovingly refers to Lojin's anglerfish light as "Lojin's Night Light," and Lojin often uses this to read after lights out.

*** *** ***
Line Up

*** *** ***
Facial Expressions

*** *** ***
Hand Expressions

*** *** ***
Action Poses

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