Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Jormungandr: Storyboards

These are three pages of the storyboards for an episode of Jormungandr. Nick, the ship's sorcerer, isn't very good at being drunk. In the first panel shown here, Nick has just belched a stream of fire at the exact place that Ratchet was just sitting. With clever use of her tail, Lidona plucked him from his chair before he could get roasted.

Lidona is the one he's talking to that isn't Lojin. Lidona is a Jessin, a reptilian race, and her race has no need for breasts. This is why she looks like a man, and although Jessins have two sets of arms (if you've seen Lidona's toned-paper sketch elsewhere on here, you can see her other set of arms), the Captain makes her shapeshift one set away to avoid drawing unnecessary attention.

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