Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Venture Brothers - Character Design

This is Elk, a character I designed for an imaginary Venture Brothers episode. He is from Brock and Doc Venture's past. Going to the same college that everyone else in the series goes to, Elk is on the football team with Brock. He's a bit of a meathead, but that's why we love him. He's as gentle as a teddy bear for the most part although he doesn't really know his strength. On the gridiron, he's on the defensive line and is a ruthless, merciless fiend.

My professor said he looks like the love child of Hank and Sergeant Hatred, and I agree, considering that's the two people I merged together to make him. :D

*** *** ***
Facial Expressions

*** *** ***
Hand Expressions

*** *** ***
Action Poses

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