Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Death Maquette 02

So I've smoothed her out a bit. The wad of clay she's holding in her upraised hand is the beginning of her head. And yes, her arms are supposed to be that skinny. She's wearing a t-shirt, and whenever her bare skin shows (head, neck, arms, and hands in this case), you can only see her bones because her skin is completely invisible to most (99.99% of the population that has ever existed). Very few can see her skin and face.

I've been experimenting with the firm Super Sculpey, and despite my initial reaction to its hardness, it's not all that bad once it gets warm in your hand and, you know, starts acting like clay. I definitely like the gray tone of it more than the flesh color. It lets you really see where the bumps and ridges and stuff are. Another awesome thing about the firm stuff is that it doesn't seem to attract as many fingerprints, and since I use my fingers a lot in the sculpting process, that is a very good thing.

I need to get ahold of some wire mesh and a wooden rod for her scythe. Need to design the scythe too. The scythe originally belonged to the Grim Reaper, Death's father, but was passed to her as he retired and she took over the family business. I fought with the scythe idea for a while, because it's not something that Death actually uses very often. It was decided that it would help the maquette "read" as Death, so it's in.

I'm noticing that I tend to do the body and leave the maquette headless at first. I did this with Ratchet's maquette too.

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