Saturday, March 26, 2011

Expression Sheet

Did some expressions for Forest. Here is the initial sketch that I did in my sketchbook.

Then I got to thinking on how I could make this more awesome. So I cut out the ones that were lacking and focused on the juicy bits, which goes to show that the more drawings you do, the more choices you have. You have 10,000 bad drawings in you. Might as well get them all out right away. I'm getting there. So I took the faces and decided to add some body language to them. Here's what I got this round:

You know, it's really funny, but I find that every time I have to redo something (it got destroyed, deleted, or the first one wasn't up to par), the second one is always better. So keep at it, keep DOING it. That's the real hammer, ain't it? You have to keep DOING.

I am a bookworm. I love reading about stuff, and there are two kinds of people: the kind that learn by doing whatever it is they're learning about, and the kind that learn by reading about whatever they're learning about. The problem is that sometimes when you're a reader, all you do is read and you don't get enough experience. Likewise, if you learn by doing, you will have the experience, but you may not understand the fine print about why things work the way they do. The trick is predictable. For those of you like me who read like nuts about everything, use what you read and apply it to something. Do experiments, little projects. Just DO. And those of you that already do, read up and learn more about what you do. Balance both sides of the equation.

Live life and love it, my friends.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

New Storyboards!

Here are some some storyboards I did for a small short called Forest Fire. Forest has just found the strange rock that fell from the sky and crash-landed into his home.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Character Designs

Some experimenting with character designs. Colored pencils, copic markers, prismacolor markers, and black ink.

Monster Pop

Here's a short I made for Indigo Studios during my internship. Nice guys. Learned me a lot over thar.

This is done with After Effects, Photoshop, and a little Flash. Animated in After Effects mostly, colored in Photoshop. Very, very fun.