Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Have you ever been sitting at your computer and wondered "Hmm. It would be great if there was some place online where I could store files and give people easy-to-follow links to access them."

Buddy, you are not alone. Although I'm sure there are multiple sites that let you do that, I use Dropbox. My friend Monkeyboy introduced me to it. It's free. Yes, it's free. For all you students/people on a tight budget, let me say it one more time. It's FREE. For 2GB of space, it's free. If you want more space than that, there's a monthly fee. It's not really for backing up the entire contents of your hard drive, but for little files, say a résumé or something, there you go.

Yes, you can just email your resume, but that would require you to 1) have it on you via some data storage device or 2) be at your machine where the file is located. You can access Dropbox from any computer with internet access! You can log onto the main site to retrieve your files when you're away from home.

There's an application-type thing that you download, but it's basically a folder that puts itself on your computer. Things you put in the folder show up in your dropbox.

It helped me out, so I'm passing it on to you.


Ratchet's Makeover

I had the grand idea of redoing my portfolio in three weeks. There wasn't much sleeping involved. This is Ratchet's new look. Younger, more fiery, and a lot less mummy wrappings. I'd much rather clean up this version of him than his earlier version. Shows what a year's worth of practice can do for you.